Industrial UPS at the service of Operational Continuity

Although they are usually associated with UPS or UPS with computer equipment, their use becomes necessary in all types of industries as a solution that allows companies to protect themselves against power failures, network fluctuations, surges and other disturbances, so that the impact on the continuity of its operation is minimized

“In a productive line, a micro cut can stop a whole process. The time outside of operation and start-up is relevant, being able to trigger costly losses for the industry, so having an electrical network protected by a UPS is essential. Basically we are not talking about something different than in the IT world, where for example, the fall of a Data Center is inconceivable when our ultimate goal is to ensure the operational continuity of the company, “says Jaime Rafols, Solutions Sales Manager of EDAPI.

Why it is necessary to have a special UPS for industries, or rather, why we can not use the same type of UPS equipment that we have in our Data Center is related to the load to be backed up, with quality of the existing energy and the hostile physical environment in which they are usually inserted.

In an industrial environment, the UPS is necessary not only for the power cuts, but also for the quality, reliability and possibility of monitoring the electricity supply that is delivered. The electrical disturbances, the behavior of inductive loads, large consumption picks, among others present in industrial processes, make the use of UPS equipment of the commercial line insufficient and that for these scenarios a specifically designed equipment is required for this. On the other hand, usually the physical environment of industrial processes is more hostile and climatic conditions of temperature, humidity and pollution, among others, make it necessary for the physical design of the UPS to be more robust.

Industrial UPS models – EDAPOWER

“Si tuviésemos que destacar los 3 principales atributos de una UPS Industrial, a grandes rasgos mencionaría los siguientes” indica Carlos Muñoz, experto en UPS en EDAPI:

Design: They have isolation transformers in the output for greater protection of the load, high capacity of short circuit and overload, accepts double network input, design of high heat dissipation, true double conversion On-line, capacity for work at temperature 45 ° C and degree of protection IP20, IP21 and IP31.
Useful Life: An industrial UPS is designed to have a useful life of more than 10 years.
Batteries or autonomy: The autonomy times are much higher than in a traditional UPS, so they consider chargers with higher quality and capacity.
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