Request Fulfilment Management

The ITIL® Request Fulfilment Management Process is in the Operation Stage of the Service Lifecycle according to the best ITIL® Practices. Its main objective is to coordinate and carry out the activities and processes necessary to deliver and manage services to users and customers of the business, according to agreed levels, as well as to continuously manage the technology used to deliver and support services. The stage of operation of the ICT service is defined by five management processes, such as Events, Incidents, Request Fulfilment Management, Access and Problems.

The Request Fulfilment Management is intended to offer users a channel to request and receive standard services. It is the process that is responsible for the treatment of service requests made by a customer, usually it is small changes that initially go through the user service center.

The scope of the AUTOMATION SERVICE OF REQUEST FULFILMENT MANAGEMENT includes, Evaluation, Accompaniment for the Adoption / Adaptation and Automation of the process. The evaluation includes training in Fundamentos ITIL 2011, with operational or managerial vision, or both, according to agreement with the client, in order to provide personnel involved in Request Fulfilment Management, with basic knowledge of said ITIL Practices, as this will allow homologate and have a “common language” that leads to a better understanding of the work and therefore to obtain a more real and useful evaluation. An information survey will be carried out through interactive work sessions with personnel of the ICT Services Management to analyze them and determine the degree of maturity of the Request Fulfilment Management process, reflecting the current situation, activities carried out in the client. to this Process and are contrasted with the best practices ITIL® 2011, managing to identify the gaps and define improvement actions, through a roadmap, with strategic, tactical and operational recommendations, which includes the identification and execution of early victories, that allow to our clients to improve some activities of the process quickly.

Then the accompaniment will be carried out for the actions identified that the client must do to close the gaps. At this time, functional specifications for the automation of the Request Fulfilment Management Process are also determined using ITSM software tools that allow carrying out the activities according to the ITIL® Processes.

Finally, we automate the Process of the Request Fulfilment Management using ITSM software tools that allow carrying out the activities according to the ITIL® Processes, the application used is ServiceDesk Plus from ManageEngine.


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