Corrective Maintenance UPS

As corrective maintenance, it is called the one that is performed with the purpose of repairing faults or defects that arise in equipment and machinery.

The objective is simply to repair what has broken down and the equipment is in perfect condition. In this sense, corrective maintenance is a process that basically consists of locating and correcting faults or malfunctions that are preventing the machine from performing its function in a normal manner.

How repairs are managed in the organization, so in one way or another it is necessary to establish the sequence of events that occur from when someone detects a problem until it is completely resolved. This management may involve having a system of work orders, the management of these orders, the diagnosis of failures, the acquisition of tools and materials, the actual performance of the repair, the tests to verify that everything has been correct and the closing of the intervention.

There are different types of UPS, each one requires attention for their care


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