The challenge we have when we offer and provide services in the Technology Sector is to support Clients and Users of Companies and Organizations that need TECHNOLOGICAL SERVICES, not systems or only Technology and provide solutions at the lowest possible cost and in timely.

These solutions have to be based on the achievement of a Happy Customer. For this it is essential to understand their needs and supply them with SERVICES that help them obtain results that support their business.

The answer to the proposed challenge is ITIL ® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library ®). This is a collection of the best practices for the management of TECHNOLOGICAL SERVICES with which we offer a better quality in our Services. It was developed in the 80s by the “Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA)” of the British government.

ITIL ® is not a METHODOLOGY, it is a set of Processes, Procedures, Activities and Suggestions that, when implemented, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a business. They have been tested in different organizations, under different conditions and in multiple opportunities.

By adopting ITIL ® Best Practices, we replace chaos with order, best efforts in our Services with reliable quality services, random results with optimized and predictable Services. In the end it improves the performance of our organization.


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